Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wrapped Up Review Wednesday Cranium Polar Bear A B C game


I first heard about the Cranium Polar Bear A-B-C from another blog that was hosting a giveaway for it. I was very excited and hoped to win it as we're working on letter recognition with my daughter. Alas, I wasn't the winner but the next week Target was offering it as a $4 sale item. Bingo! I can do that. My daughter loves polar bears and penguins so I thought this would be a sure thing as far as her liking it. The concept of the game is really really very good. Unfortunately the fine details leave a bit to be desired. The "lake" that stores the letters for players to "go fishing" for letters attaches to the board. Unfortunately it doesn't attach well so it is very easy to come off. The magnets on the letters also aren't as strong as they need to be for the "fishing" for letters to be successful. The idea is still a wonderful learning tool so I wound up putting the letters in a cup and we just reached in and grabbed a letter. That was much easier. All of that being said though I would still recommend this game for kids 3+ that are learning to recognize letters or learn to spell. Just know that you might need some adaptation.

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