Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thrifty Thursday

Welcome to our first Thrift Thursday! I figure in these troubled times that every might benefit from trimming back spending a bit. I know that personally one of the hardest things is to live within a good food budget. Its so hard to make meals for my daughter and myself that are a) tasty b) economical c) not so big as we're eating its leftovers for a week! Consequently I'm always searching for frugal recipes and today I'm going to share some sights with you that I like! Do you have any frugal recipes you'd be willing to share? Any websites or books you use to keep your food budget under control? If so please share!

One of the first places I check is my friend Heathers blog Economical Eats Heather is truly a genius at organizing and keeping a budget. She also has some very yummy recipes! Go take a peek! Economical Eats

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