Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thrifty Thursday

Have you noticed that at times being thrifty and being "green" coincide? Pretty cool, huh? Since I always need help being thrifty and am finding there are always more ways of going green I love finding a tip that overlaps! It also makes for a great learning time for my daughter! Today I thought I'd cover a few tips for a Thrifty & Green Christmas!

-The first thing- wrapping gifts!
There are so many ways of being thrifty and green!
recycle gift bags!
use comic/newspaper to wrap in
use a part of the gift to wrap in (a kitchen towel for a hostess gift!)
old maps
brown paper bags from the grocery store
reuse paper from the year before

Here's a great clip from youtube to give you some ideas!

These are just a few ideas! Go crazy! Let your kids help!

Here are some decorating ideas to have fun with!
-make a homemade felt garland. Learn how here
-Martha Stewart to the rescue! She'll show you how to recycle cards from years past! Check it out here
Paper decorating ideas HERE

I hope this gave you a few good ideas! Have a fun time getting ready for the holidays!


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