Friday, January 30, 2009

Fantastic Friday

This week we're not having our usual Fantastic Friday listing. I've been having some health issues this week so I haven't been scoping out all the giveaways. Instead I do have just ONE INCREDIBLY AWESOME giveaway for you to check out! The winner is picked Feb. 1 so please check it out soon!

Baby Blvd is having a giveaway with 3 (yes 3 prizes) so please head over to Baby Blvd!

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Magic Monday Winner!

The winner for last weeks Magic Monday contest is:

Please send an email to


Wrapped Up Review Wednesday Better Life Winners

Since I'm already very late in posting this the winners for the Better Life cleaning sets are:
and Angie Commancho who CC'd me on a mail to her friends

Congrats ladies!!!! I'll be in touch soon to get your information!


Friday, January 23, 2009

Fantastic Friday

Here is this weeks listing of blog giveaways!

Riding with No Hands Tiny Prints Giveaway
Riding with No Hands Fodeo giveaway
Funky Monkey Little Missmatched Giveaway
Rundpinne Bazil Essentials Giveaway
Funky Monkey Cloud B giveaway
A Wrestling Addicted Mommy Paper Shouts Giveaway
Cool Baby Kid Bella Tunno Giveaway
Little Window Shoppe Super Hero Cape Giveaway from Plum Pear Apple
Funky Monkey So Cozy Hair products giveaway
Cutting Coupons in KC All You subscription giveaway
Chief Family Officer Curious George and the Hot Air Balloon w/ read along CD giveaway
Funky Monkey Wett Giggles Giveaway
Jamie’s Precious Peas Infusion Jar Giveaway
Buy By Mom Cookie Boutique giveaway
Extraordinary Mothers Keurig Giveaway
A Wrestling Addicted Mommy Juicer Giveaway

Coupon Divas CocoZen Giveaway
dkMommy Spot Hamadi Giveaway
Funky Monkey Jillie Willie bottom zipper giveaway
A Little Bliss Lauren & Co clippie giveaway
Green Earth Journey Jennifer Joy creative coin purse giveaway
Frugal Mommy of 2 Girls digital keychain
Mudpies & MaryJanes Teenie Weenie Greenie Sippy Giveaway
Frugal Freebies Smashies Applesauce giveaway
A Nut in a Nutshell Personalized Fruit Rollups giveaway
Savin Some Family Organizer Giveaway
Peanut Butter & Pickle Review Honest Kids Drink Pouches
Peanut Butter & Pickle Review Terracycle Tote giveaway
Frugal mommy of 2 girls Photo Book Creator giveaway
The Soothie Ranch National Security Mom book giveaway
Therapeutic Reviews & Giveaways $50 Magnet Street Baby Giveaway
Does Mommy Love it No Snow Snuggler Giveaway

Remember you can't win if you don't sign up!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wrapped Up Review Wednesday Skoy Cloth Giveaway

As we come close to the end of the Better living giveaway I decided to keep up with the green cleaning theme for my reviews. I was sent a sample of Skoy Cloths from Michelle at Here is a description straight from the Skoy website:

SKOY cloth is a ...
100% biodegradable
And Fun…
Multi-use cloth

The SKOY cloth is a fabulous, absorbent, biodegradable and natural multi-use cloth. Our re-usable earth friendly cloth is perfect in your kitchen, bathroom, and on most surface areas in your home or office. SKOY cloth can be used in place of your sponge, wash cloth or paper towels.
It is a European made product and 100% biodegradable because it is made from a natural cotton and wood-based cellulose pulp. SKOY cloth is a chlorine-free product using water-based colors and inks. After an independent composting test, SKOY cloth broke down completely within 5 weeks.
The SKOY cloth is a durable product due to the reusability factor and can last months. Using a SKOY cloth is equivalent to using 15 rolls of paper towels in an average home. With the high cost of paper towels, at least $2 a roll, SKOY cloth is the obvious choice for your wallet and the environment.
The SKOY cloth has an absorption factor of 15x its own weight. As a result, producing the most superior cloth product available. Imagine using 15 sheets of good-quality paper towels at once… This is how a wet SKOY cloth will feel in your hand.
The SKOY cloth is long-lasting because of the wash ability feature. It dries quickly, so it is not a breeding ground for bacteria. Have you ever used your sponge, then smelled your hand and it reeked of horrible bacteria? That will never happen again if you microwave your SKOY cloth regularly. It is also dishwasher and washer/dryer safe. Cleaning your SKOY cloth will keep it healthy and germ-free. Please see Use & Care for instructions.
The cool and unique designs will make cleaning fun! SKOY Enterprises plans to launch new designs in early 2008.

After using Skoy cloths during cleaning around my house I have to say that I'm completely in love with them! They are incredibly absorbent, wash very well and don't leave little bits of lint. I've been keeping one by my kitchen sink and using the other for cleaning the bathrooms. Everything that Skoy Cloth advertises on their home page is true! They dry very quickly so you don't have that damp ick smell, they are super absorbent and they're great for the planet and your pocketbook! Honestly, does it get any better than that? You can order Skoy cloths from the Skoy website and they even offer a subscription option that has free shipping! Once again, does it get any better?!!?

Now for those of you who are relatively new to the green cleaning movement perhaps you aren't sure of some of the reasons that green cleaning is a much better healthier way to clean. A quick crash course here! (If you'd like more information feel free to use the contact button to email me and I'll point you in the right direction!) First and foremost the best reason to use green cleaning supplies is that there aren't any negative side/health affects. The HUGE majority of cleaning agents used in the US are not tested or regulated in any way. Do you really want to be cleaning your house with something that you have to use in a well ventilated area? For most things you can a very comparable cleaning solution using a combination of water, vinegar, baking soda & essential oils. Nothing in that is going to hurt you! If making your own solutions isn't your thing you have great companies life Better Life that offers incredible green cleaning supplies that are already made! One of the things I've noticed since I've been doing exclusive green cleaning in my house is that I LIKE cleaning (at least more than I did before!). I know that I'm not harming myself, my daughter or the planet. I know that I'm teaching my daughter to respect the earth and all of that makes for a happy self!

Now back to Skoy Cloths. I've already told you how well they work. Lets discuss the environmental impact. I don't know if I could ever completely give up the use of paper towels but having Skoy Cloths on hand certainly makes it much much easier to reduce my paper towel usage. In all actuality the Skoy Cloths are nicer because they are thicker and you don't worry about them tearing. All in all they're a great product to have in your home! So now that I've got you all excited about Skoy Cloths I figure I should give you a chance to try them for yourself! One lucky Savvy SAHM Review Reader is going to be the lucky recipient of a 4 pack of Skoy Cloths!

How to win?
-Go to Skoy Cloths website and take a look around. Come back here and leave a comment where you think you would use Skoy Cloths the most! Honestly, that it! Its that easy!

Extra Chances to win
-Grab the Savvy SAHM Review Blog button and display it on your blog. Leave a comment and a link! 1 extra chance
-Blog about this giveaway. Leave a comment and a link 1 extra chance
-Become a follower. Every SSR follower is entered into every giveaway that we have (no need to leave a comment!)
-Email 3 friends about Skoy Cloths and/or this giveaway. CC me in the email at Worth 2 extra chances
-Buy Skoy Cloths from and let them know you heard about them here! 10 extra chances!

This giveaway will end January 28th at midnight CST. The winner will be posted on Thursday the 29th. Please make sure you leave an email with your comments or that I can email you from your blog. Winner has 3 days to respond after that a new winner is chosen.


Monday, January 19, 2009

Magic Monday

Recently, I had the great pleasure of meeting the owner of Masterpieces of Fun Art, Simone, who makes really great hair accessories for little girls. Simone sent me a sampler of her hair accessories to try out on my princess and I have to let you know we had fun! The bows are darling and very well made. Simone carries a very full inventory of hair accessories for little girls. From snap clips for the newborn and clippies for toddlers Masterpieces of Fun Art really takes your princess into consideration. Simone is offering a great sampler set of 5 clippies for a very lucky Savvy SAHM Review reader! Take a peek!


So, just how do you go about winning this gorgeous sampler set?
Go over to Masterpieces of Fun Art and take a look around! Come back here & leave a comment about what item you like the most. Its just that easy!

Want a few extra chances? OK!
-Who would you want these great bows for? Leave an comment. 1 chance
-Grab our button and post it on your blog. Leave a comment and a link. 2 extra chances? Leave a comment.
-Become a follower of the blog. Every follower is entered into every giveaway we have!
-Blog about this giveaway on your blog. Comment with a link. 2 extra chances
-If you purchase from Masterpieces of Fun Art before midnight CST next Monday Jan. 26th you receive 5 extra chances. Just let Simone know that you're a SSR reader!

The nitty gritty rules
-Winner will be announced Tuesday the 27th. Please make sure that you leave an email address with your comments or you have a link on your blog so I have a way to get in touch with you if you're our lucky winner! Winner has 3 days to respond or a new winner will be picked.

Also don't forget about the Better Life cleaning giveaway that ends this Wednesday. Check it out HERE

Friday, January 16, 2009

Fantastic Friday

Another pretty good list this week. One thing I noticed is that I have several of these sponsors lined up for giveaways here. Drop a comment and let me know if you think you know which ones or what you'd like them to be!

Eisbaerentraume Blog Candy
Peanut Butter & Pickle Baby Banz Giveaway
The Laughs Will Go On Minky Pillowcase giveaway
Piece of Me Miss Gina Designs burp cloth giveaway
Blessings Abound Chic Buds giveaway
Frugal Mommy of 2 Girls Hannah TuTus Gift Certificate
Simply Stacie Birth Chart Giveaway
Mom Most Traveled Goosie Card Giveaway
Skimbaco Pepsi Superbowl Giveaway
The Funky Monkey Journal Buddies Giveaway
Cara’s Coffee Break Cleaning Giveaway
Jamie’s Precious Peas Elizabeths Attic tote bag giveaway
Peanut Butter & Pickles Reviews Satin Lips Giveaway
Ladybug Soup Kiss My Face Giveaway
Mom’s Most Wanted The Problem with Women…Is Men Giveaway
Katydid and Kid Crazy Baby Clothing Co Giveaway
Northwest Mom Finds Hats for Every Head Monkey Hat giveaway
Northwest Mom Finds Soothe those Dry Hands Giveaway

Sandier Pastures Earthlust giveaway
Thrifty & Chic Mom Fashion Refined Giveaway
dkMommy Spot Meatless Meals for Working People Giveaway
Grocery Price Blog Days Ago Giveaway
Wii Fit Families Tasty Baker Giveaway
Momma Findings Smart E Bear Giveaway
The Mud Bug Tiny Prints Giveaway
All because 2 people fell in love Vaseline Clinical Therapy Lotion giveaway
The Funky Monkey Skoy Cloth Giveaway
Frugal Mommy of 2 girls Chalk Mat giveaway
The Funky Monkey Mayfair Lane Giveaway
Once Upon A Coupon Haircare & Skincare Coupon Giveaway
Grab bag Reviews Palm Palms Giveaway
Mother 2 Mother Satin Pillowcase giveaway
The Soothie Ranch Bug & Pickle $50 Giveaway
At Home with Books Love and Other Natural Disasters Giveaway
Babies Gotta Have it BabyBanz Giveaway
The Funky Monkey Smock stationery giveaway
The Mud Bug Piggy Paint Giveaway
The Funky Monkey giveaway
The Funky Monkey Piggy Paint Giveaway
Jamie’s Precious Peas Piggy Paint Giveaway

Have fun & remember you can't win if you don't enter!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wrapped Up Review Wednesday Better Life

Today I'm going to share with you my take on Better Life Cleaning Products. I am one of those moms who has been becoming increasing dismayed by the products that were being used for cleaning...our homes, our bodies. It started with my microbiology class and just snowballed. Truly a little information can be a very scary thing. Skin is your biggest organ and it absorbs things readily. Then you can start reading about the chemicals in our cleaning products and how they can harm you let alone the little people running around your house who depending on their age might not have their central nervous system fully developed yet and its scary! For awhile my sister & I have been making our own cleaning agents. Its very easy to go online and find a lot of different recipes for cleaning solutions and usually its a lot more economical to make your own. You can customize them to your liking...a definite plus! Now that said, it can also be a drag trying to motivate yourself to whip up a batch of toilet cleaner. Enter Better Life! I was the lucky recipient of what-EVER! all purpose cleaner, I can see clearly- WOW! glass cleaner, Floored floor cleaner and Even the Kitchen Sink scrub cleaner. I honestly went into this thinking I can make it just as well as better so why should I spend the money on this? Well, frankly because it is better than what I was making! This stuff rocks! I love that most of the items are not scented- great for someone who is asmathic like me! and what is scented is done with essential oils and isn't overwhelming! The glass cleaner works so well that I almost couldn't believe it! My 5 year old things that one of her jobs in life is to "paint" on the bathroom mirror using water and occasionally tooth paste. Needless to say the mirror gets DIRTY! I sprayed I can see clearly-Wow on there and wiped it with a paper towel (I know...not really green but my Skoy Clothes were in the laundry). It only took one time to get the mirror sparkling clean! No spots and not a lot of elbow grease was needed! I then sprayed down the toilet, sink, counter and bathtub with what-EVER! I'm so happy to say the results were the same for that! Fast, thorough cleaning! Even the uck under the soap came off very quickly! I used Even the Kitchen Sink scrub for the sink and once again fell in love! It got the gross nasty stuff off of the drain. You know that stuff that you either have to really scrub or use something totally toxic like LimeAway on? This dug right through it with a couple of scrubs and it was back to shiny. Without something that would harm anyone! I can honestly recommend Better Life cleaning products. I know that I will continue to use them!

So, now for the really cool part! I have two sets of Better Life Cleaning Products (what-EVER, Even the Kitchen Sink, Floored, I can see clearly- WOW!) to give to TWO lucky Savvy SAHM Review readers! Here's how to enter to win one of the sets!
-go to Better Life
take a look around & tell me which product you would like to try and why (1 chance)
- go to Better Life and come back here and comment about something you didn't know! (1 chance)
-become a follower (no need to leave a comment) (1 chance)
-add my button to your blog (leave a comment & link) (1 chance)
-share your favorite green cleaning tip (1 chance)
-blog about this. leave a comment & link (1 chance)

Winners will be picked next Wed. Jan 21. and announced on Thursday. Please make sure you leave a way to get a hold of you!

PakNak Charm Giveaway Winners! guys aren't making this easy on me are you? Two of the winners don't have blogs so I hope you're checking here! The three winners of the PakNaks are:
Susan (comment #6)

Please send an email to with your mailing address as well as your 2 choices for PakNaks and I will in turn get the info to PakNaks. Congrats ladies!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Fantastic Friday

Ok....hopefully I've made up for last weeks kind of sad listing of blog giveaways! Check out this weeks!!!

Happy Healthy Families Jetta & the Jellybeans signed CD

Frugal RI Mama $10 CVS Card giveaway

At Home With Books Sunday’s at Tiffany’s Patterson giveaway

Dore’s Diaries By the Book Caring for my Kid

Rave and Review So Easy Baby Food Kit Giveaway!

Learning by Living Flip Chart Giveaway

Piece of Me Pro Mom Couture Shirt Giveaway

dkMommy Spot Vegetarian Journal Subscription Giveaway

Grab Bag Reviews Justin Roberts Pop Fly CD giveaway

The Funky Monkey Home Studio pendant giveaway

Thereapeautic Giveaways Label Daddy Giveaway

How to Studio $20 giftcard giveaway

Frugal Mommy of 2 girls Fruitabu Giveaway

Thrifty & Chic Mom Itsy Bitsy Bracelet giveaway

The Funky Monkey Snack & Play Giveaway

My Organized Chaos Organically Hatched Giveaway

The Funky Monkey Clean Well Giveaway

Designs by Vanessa Fabulous Handbag Giveaway

Therapeutic Reviews & Giveaways Birthday in a Box Giveaway

Frugal Mommy of 2 Girls Sambucol giveaway

The Funky Monkey Emerson Creek Pottery Giveaway

Good for the kids Safe Sippy Cup & $50 giveaway

Sweet N Sassy Girls FlabULess Giveaway

Jamie’s Precious Pea’s Snuggle Bug Baby Boutique Disney Giveaway

Blah-Zay Amazon Giveaway

5 minutes for Mom $200 Task2Gather giveaway

Jamie’s Precious Peas Tenna Ball Disney Celebration giveaway

The Funky Monkey Organize with Sandy Giveaway

Frugal Mommy of 2 Girls Spoiled Diva Giveaway

Mudpies & Mary Janes GloMate Giveaway

5 Minutes for Giveaways Baby Dipper Bowl

Mommy Finds Go Fish CD giveaway

Piece of Me Carolyn’s Kitchen Apron Giveaway

Frugal Mommy of 2 Girls Cosmedicine Giveaway

Autism Learning Felt Giveaway Indigo Ocean Dreams Audio CD

For the Love of Baby Warm Me Mouse Giveaway

Mom’s Most Wanted Twinkling Tees $25 giveaway

Prairie Mama All About the Sponsors ebook Giveaway

The Funky Monkey Cricket & Monkey Giveaway

Mommies With Cents My Daily Veggies Giveaways

The Funky Monkey Safe Sippy Giveaway

The Funky Monkey Casbah Kitten Giveaway

A Wrestling Addicted Mommy Vaseline Clinical Therapy Lotion Giveaway

Blessings Abound Kaboost Giveaway

Mom Fuse Lunch Box card giveaway

Mommies With Cents Balance Water for Kids giveaway

The Funky Monkey Doll Moses Basket

Katydid and Kid Green Party Goods Bday hat giveaway

Mogul Baby Bugalug Gift Basket Giveaway

Katydid and Kid A Life Well Read Giveaway

Faith Approved Think and Make it Happen Book Giveaway

Katydid and Kid Wild Dill Helicopter giveaway

The Funky Monkey Tiny Tags giveaway

Brimful Curiousities Get ready for Kindergarten

Frugal Mommy of 2 girls Laptop Lunch Giveaway

Mudpies & Mary Janes Good for the kids giveaway

Some of these are ending soon so you may want to check them out as soon as possible! Enjoy & let me know if you win!!! Good luck!


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tipster Tuesday

This weeks Tipster Tuesday isn't has much a tip as it is a time to reflect on what you'd like to pare down on and what are things that you simply don't feel that you can reduce. The beginning of the year is a wonderful time to do a bit of self reflection and decide where you'd like to travel in the new year, isn't it?

Just a few things to think about!

-When you are stressed in life its usually rooted in just a few main areas. Money, partner, family life, lack of time
Usually we keep most of our balls in the air and do a good job of it but it seems as there is always one or two of those balls that seems to slip by us. Sometimes we don't even realize its the same issue that keeps on rubbing us the wrong way. Spending a bit of time identifying the burr in our saddle can give us the opportunity to get rid of it!

-Do you journal? I know that when I first entered the world of blogging it was a bit like journaling for me (not this blog of course!). It gives you an opportunity to write, vent or share. Whether you choose to journal via a blog, a journal or whatever method works best for you its a very healthy way to keep a finger on how you're feeling about things in your world. Are you happy, sad, stressed, depressed, exuberant, curious? You can track trends and make your own honey do list

-Most importantly don't take on too much at one time or put yourself in a position of feeling like a failure if you don't do X. Set reasonable goals. Its wonderful if you want to loose 100 lbs. but don't have that be the goal. Instead look into healthy lifestyle changes and tracking your weekly weight loss. Don't say I need to keep better track of my money and vow to never to spend "unnecessary" money again. First of all what is unnecessary? On most days I can say that Starbucks in an unnecessary expense but on a day when I've only had 4 hours of sleep & have to take my dd to the Dr for a test...I need my caffeine please! Maybe the better idea is giving yourself envelope money for the week. Once its gone its gone so choose wisely!

-Instead of resolutions per se pick a few things that you would like to learn, change or do in this year. Then plot out exactly what you would like as an end result and what it will take to get there. Once you have an idea of what your steps are you can work on it a bit every day. It takes approximately 21 days to make something a habit. If you do a little something each day for 3 weeks you're well on your way to accomplishing a goal....without feeling the pressure of the dreaded resolution!

So here is to all of us learning and growing positively in 2009!


Monday, January 5, 2009

Magic Monday

WooHoo! Here we are....start of a new year and a MAGIC MONDAY!

I have PakNak Charms for three lucky winners! Just go over to the PakNak site and take a look around. Come back here and tell me what your favorite two PakNaks are! It doesn't get any easier than that! Each winner will get 2 PakNaks!

Want a few other chances? OK!
-Tell me who you would give the PakNaks to and get one extra entry! Leave a comment
-Tell me what you think they will accessorize with PakNaks and get another extra entry! Leave a comment
-Followers always get an entry to EVERY Savvy SAHM Review giveaway so if you're a follower you're good to go! (No need to leave a comment!)
-Blog about this giveaway and leave a link! 1 chance!
-Grab our button and post it! Leave a link! 1 chance
-Email 3 friends & include me on the CC at and you'll get 1 more chance!

That means if you do all of those include being a follower you'll have 7 chances! Winner will be picked and announced next Monday Jan 12th!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Getting down to business!

OK...I've been bitten by the posting bug (its so much more fun then trying to shovel out my daughters room!!!) First of all, did you guys notice my sigi?!!!? Angie over at Auction Add Ons did it as a prize for a giveaway. I LOVE IT!!! Thanks Angie! Her blog is over HERE You should go check it out! Especially if you're a WAHM she does websets! Nice ones!!! It makes me want to reopen my site!

So did you make any New Years Resolutions this year? If so do you feel like sharing? I'm not doing any resolutions per se...just trying to clean up my life as a whole! Lose weight, decide what I want to do when I grow up!, become more green and make my world healthier for my daughter, become better at planning and economizing. Just all around improvements! I'm also looking for more blogs to follow so let me know! Should I follow yours? What are other blogs that you NEED to check out every day?!!? Let me know!

Lastly, if you could get 2 wishes granted this year what would they be. One is a material item the other isn't (things that make you go hmmmmmmmmmmmmm!) Just so you don't feel like no one else is throwing anything out there I'll start!
I would like to get some more patience. I often feel stretched too thin and being a single mom to a special needs child is tough and I need to remind myself that its all going to be ok and not to get so overwhelmed. For a material item I would give my eyeteeth for a laptop computer. Nothing major. Just something I could use for school and blogging! That way I could actually get a bit more organized! So those are my two big wishes! What about you?


Fantastic Friday

Not as long of a list this week! I was spending time with little bit! Some do close tonight so you might want to check these out! Remember- you can't win if you don't enter!

Mystic Connections Arch Angel Reading

The Not So Blog Jetta & Jellybeans giveaway

The Funky Monkey Truly Mom planner giveaway

Frugal Mommy of 2 girls Dance X DVD giveaway

The Secret is in the Sauce Keurig giveaway

Sunshine and lemonade Movie giveaway

Sassy Frazz Candlewick book giveaway

Mom it forward

The Funky Monkey Yenithing

sage and savvy Palm palms giveaway

Mom Saves Money Coupon giveaway

Tara’s View book review & giveaway

The Pink Chick 100th post giveaway


Happy New Year!

NEW YEAR Pictures, Images and Photos

So did everyone have a nice New Years Eve? Things are going to be really big here at Savvy SAHM Reviews in 2009! I've been in touch with some great sponsors & I think that y'all are going to be thrilled!!! Before we can go forward with the new year we need to wrap up some end of year business!

First and foremost I'd like to thank our readers! You guys are awesome! I hope you continue to enjoy this blog in 2009!

An equally big thanks to our 2008 sponsors! Without you things wouldn't have been as nice as they are! So here is a compiled list of the 2008 sponsors- if you get a second check them out!

Grins & Giggles Bowtique

Ally's Boutique

Country Vintage


Magnolia Blossom Art

Linday Ryan Designs

Delight Designs

Alma's Crafts

Fantastic Toys

Supa Designs

Emmy's Bowtique

Crafts by Amber

Hair Candy Bowtique

Cocoa Studio

Kurdtlhorg's Shop