Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wrapped Up Review Wednesday Palm-Palms Baby Bath Grips Review & Giveaway

The great folks from Palm-palms baby bath grips sent me a pair of palm-palms to try and a few to give away. How cool is that?!!? When I first saw this product I did one of the many "Man, I wish my princess wasn't so big! Where were these when she was a baby?!!?" Palm-palms remind me of sweat bands in a way but they have a thumb hole incorporated in them and they are super soft! Not only do they make it easier to hold on to that precious little bundle that becomes slick as all get out once you add water but they can also be used to lather up said slippery one! Seriously, isn't that the coolest idea? Since my daughter is a bit too big for me to give them an accurate testing I sent a pair over to my sister to try out on my nephew who is just a bit over a year old. As it turned out my brother in law is the person who is mainly in charge of bath time at their house so he gave them a whirl. My bil reported that they were just a bit snug. Now please don't be at all concerned by that assessment. Did I mention that my bil is a giant among men at 6'8"? He has hands and feet that resemble small boats so I think palm-palms would have no problem fitting a "normal" (sorry Larry!) sized person! That said he thought the palm-palms definitely added a bit of grip and liked that aspect. All in all palm-palms were a winner! Oh, I forgot, they're also machine washable! I definitely plan on getting palm-palms for any new mommies I know of! Its definitely in my top 5 list of great items to own! As I said the great people at palm-palms have sent two extra pairs for me to give away. One white set and one pink set.

So how do you win a pair of palm-palms baby bath grips? Go to the Palm-palms site and look around
Come back here & comment on what color palm-palms you would like
Told you it'd be easy! Want some extra chances? OK!
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Winners will be picked March 4 and will have 3 days to claim their prize. If the prize is not claimed in 3 days a new winner is drawn. Please make sure you leave your email address on all comments or that it is found on your profile.



casey aubut said...

I would try the pink ones!

Christin said...

Having four girls, I'd have to choose the color PINK. :) Never heard of these things, so I'd love to try them out!