Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tipster Tuesday

This weeks Tipster Tuesday isn't has much a tip as it is a time to reflect on what you'd like to pare down on and what are things that you simply don't feel that you can reduce. The beginning of the year is a wonderful time to do a bit of self reflection and decide where you'd like to travel in the new year, isn't it?

Just a few things to think about!

-When you are stressed in life its usually rooted in just a few main areas. Money, partner, family life, lack of time
Usually we keep most of our balls in the air and do a good job of it but it seems as there is always one or two of those balls that seems to slip by us. Sometimes we don't even realize its the same issue that keeps on rubbing us the wrong way. Spending a bit of time identifying the burr in our saddle can give us the opportunity to get rid of it!

-Do you journal? I know that when I first entered the world of blogging it was a bit like journaling for me (not this blog of course!). It gives you an opportunity to write, vent or share. Whether you choose to journal via a blog, a journal or whatever method works best for you its a very healthy way to keep a finger on how you're feeling about things in your world. Are you happy, sad, stressed, depressed, exuberant, curious? You can track trends and make your own honey do list

-Most importantly don't take on too much at one time or put yourself in a position of feeling like a failure if you don't do X. Set reasonable goals. Its wonderful if you want to loose 100 lbs. but don't have that be the goal. Instead look into healthy lifestyle changes and tracking your weekly weight loss. Don't say I need to keep better track of my money and vow to never to spend "unnecessary" money again. First of all what is unnecessary? On most days I can say that Starbucks in an unnecessary expense but on a day when I've only had 4 hours of sleep & have to take my dd to the Dr for a test...I need my caffeine please! Maybe the better idea is giving yourself envelope money for the week. Once its gone its gone so choose wisely!

-Instead of resolutions per se pick a few things that you would like to learn, change or do in this year. Then plot out exactly what you would like as an end result and what it will take to get there. Once you have an idea of what your steps are you can work on it a bit every day. It takes approximately 21 days to make something a habit. If you do a little something each day for 3 weeks you're well on your way to accomplishing a goal....without feeling the pressure of the dreaded resolution!

So here is to all of us learning and growing positively in 2009!


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